They Said 2012
31,December 2012
James, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Fresh flowers received. My guest loved it. Very happy for this. Keep it up the good work.

30,December, 2012
Din, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thank you so much. Really great help from you. Saw the flowers.Very nice !

13, December 2012
Imran, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,
The flowers arrangement are loverly..thanks so much Candice.

23 November, 2012
Mohd Ridhuan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Ms Tan, Thanks for the very beautiful gift decoration and very good delivery services.

18, October 2012
Fabiyolla, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks d flowers are beautiful.

14 October 2012
William, Kuala Lumpur
Quality Excellent
I have been using Petalbees for over 5 years now for all sorts of special occassions; from birthdays to my ROM to when I feel like surprising my missus. Petalbees has never disappointed me. 5 reasons why I'd recommend them :- 1) Honesty. They will always let me know if certain flowers are in season while others are not so good at the point of time. 2) Extra effort. When I want an additional Birthday balloon or some funky colours for the wrapping, they will help to go around and source what I want. 3) Quality. The bouquets have always turned out great. From the nice wrappers to the quality of the flowers. And I'm always told before hand that if certain flowers don't look as good on the day, then they will replace it with something better. 4) Recommendations. Always helpful to recommend something if I'm lost for ideas. And the good thing is they always turn out great. 5) Do you really need me to give you another reason after the first 4? I have no business stake in Petalbees so I'm not trying to oversell them. I'm just a genuinely happy customer! :)William

13 October 2012
Soo Peng, Kuala Lumpur
My colleague informed me the flowers were beautiful. U saved d day for me !!! Will recommand future business to you. Thanks for the prompt action. Also, do u sell fruit basket ? I wan to send to my girl's school for her teacher..

27 September, 2012
William, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I just saw a pic of the flowers. It looks very nice! The balloon is perfect too J thanks a lot! regards,William.

25, September, 2012
Ruzana, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thank you so much. Saw the flowers.Very nice !

25 September, 2012.
William, Kuala Lumpur
Hello Candice! Hope you are doing well. Thanks again for the short stem bouquet for my ROM, it looked very nice. Wanted to order a hand bouquet for my wife’s birthday this week again..

19 Sept, 2012
Siti, Sarawak
Wahhhhh...nice one..Thank you very much Candice.

10,Sept 2012
Mr Wong, Singapore
Hi Candice, thank you so much for the fast delivery...Sorry to give you short notice. However, the flowers arrangement were gorgeous, My boss love them very much. My client also complimented on your arrangement. There will be more business for you in the future..Thank you again..May your business grow !

30 August, 2012
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Petalbees, the flowers arrangement were excellent. Love it ! Please help to send another one on this Saturday same address..Keep it up the good work!

15 August 2012
Teresa, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, This is the third times our company ordered from you, I would like to thank you for the previous order - calar lilies bouquet, I was very worry initially due to our past experiences ordered from other florists, it turned out very unfreshed..This time, from Petalbees, my boss said they are very nice and he is very satisfied with your services...He said they were very fresh and thank you for your professional opinion, it turned out very beautiful. Keep it up the good work Candice, I shall keep your contact if our need arises in the future. ( We will bank in the payment to you in the afternoon.). ALL THE BEST TO YOU. APPRECIATED..Teresa

12 August, 2012
John, Singapore
Dear Candice, Thank you very much for your fantastic services...My girl friend loved the flowers so much and I personally saw the flowers..really very nice. Thank you for inserting more berries in the arrangement ( my girl friend loved berries so much..)...I have been your loyal customer for many be assured I will continue to support you Candice :)...More orders will come...All the best ya !...xie xie ni :)....

8 August, 2012
Susanna, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, You have provided very good and attentive service to us. My company and I duly appreciate your professional help. Thank you again. Susanna

12 July, 2012
Ms Liew, Kuala Lumpur
Wow ! Attractive ! Nicely done !:) It would be appreciated if you could send the image via email so that I can forward your wonderful work to my friend.

8 July, 2012
Isma, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thank you so much for the fast delivery...My friend loves your flowers arrangement. :)

6 July, 2012
Claudia, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice. Thank you for the last min flowers arrangement. It is beautiful. You have a great weekend ahead ! Claudia

5 July, 2012
Chen, Singapore.
Candice, appreciated for your great services and help..Hope to order flowers from you sometime soon. Wish you great biz.....

30 June, 2012
Christ, PJ
Hi candice,petalbees team,
My boss is very pleased with the flowers arrangement..thank you so much for your help.

7 June 2012
Meli Yap, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for the beautiful roses.
Shld order the bigger one next time.

31 May 2012
Jennie, Kuala Lumpur
TT done today. Thanks a lot....Datuk replied. She said its beautiful and thanks for support !

24,April 2012
Siti, Sarawak
tq candice...nice one!!! so fren dah received tghari td...and she like it...thnx again...

16 April 2012
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Hi candice, Thanks for the photo. Its beautiful!! Great job.. I will not hesitate to recommend my families/friends/ colleagues to you for future orders.

15 April 2012
Ms Leong, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for the super fast delivery as usual : ) We will certainly think of you if we need any flower delivery in future.

10 April 2012
Molly, Kuala Lumpur
Hi candice, Its beautiful!! Great job.. Thank you so much.

3 April 2012
Jesslyn, Kuala Lumpur
Candice, I have received the flowers. SO NICE !
And so coincidence that my favourite color is purple. Ha Ha

3 April, 2012
Wai Fern, Singapore
I write in to thank you for the wonderful services. My clients absolutely loves the flowers. At first I was quite worried the quality of the flowers for we had bad experience with other florists. To my surprises, it turned out all well and I m very satisfied with your services and had also recommended to my friends in Singapore. I must highlight to you that my client told us among the flower stands received, your flowers are most lasting one compared to the others. Well Done.

29 March. 2012
Md Ali, Doha
Thanks will work with you more in the future.

2 March, 2012
Yuva, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Thank you for your effort....really appreciate it...Thank you again and God bless.

5 March 2012
Shahiran, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Thanks a gf suke sangat bunga n teddybear tuh..tqvm, tqvm..:)

5 March. 2012
Irene, Kuala Lumpur
Well done !..thank you very much Candice for your nice creative arrangement. Willl have my boy pay you tomolo..thanks again.

29 February 2011
Noraini, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice
Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated. In short notice, you still can managed to arrange for me. Btw, I have do the inter banking transfer just a while after receive your email. I forgot to do in the morning as was busy with office work, hope you ok with it. Once again, thank you for your great work and have a nice day! :)

16, February,2012
Lynette, Kuala Lumpur
Candice, Ann has received the flowers. She especially likes the Daisies. Thank you.

16, February, 2012,
Akim, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice, flowers very nice..I will order again from you next week..

9, February, 2012
Pushkala, India
Dear Candice, Thank you so much for delivering helped me a lot..

30 January 2012
Malar, Kuala Lumpur
Very Nice flowers arrangement ! Thank you very much Candice for taking order even though it was last minute order.

15 January 2012
Patrick, Singapore
"First of all I would like to say THANK YOU so much for your wonderful service, my girlfriend love the bouquet of roses you made. You guys a really pro though it is last-minute order. You have my support for future business, continue this excellence services you have. Thank you."             
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