They Said 2011
30 December 2011
Albert, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Received your flower ady. Thanks. is very nice. Good Job. From, Albert

20 December 2011 
Bernice, US
Thank you very much for the lovely flower basket you delivered to my mum on her birthday. She absolutely love it! It was the first time i ordered flower online from you and i was worried at first about how fresh the flowers going to be. I m truely happy everything going very well; She is very happy. I am really satisfy with your service and had also recommended it to my friends in US. We will continue buying flowers from you in the future. Keep it up the great job !!"

20 December 2011
Kate, Kuala Lumpur
The flowers very pretty. Thank you very much Candice.

8 December 2011
Vee Jin, Australia
Thanks Candice. My cousin received the flowers and she really loved it. Thank you for your professional service.
I will be confident to use your service again. Kind Regards, Vee Jin

5 December 2011
Alwin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I just back from Jakarta..I will bank in money to your account. Thanks a lot my wife love the flowers so much..Its 16 stk flowers. My wife's birthday is on 16th Nov...Hi! Hi! Merry Christmas and God bless you...From Alwin Choo.

21 November 2011
Afida Awang Soh, Canterbury
Dear Candice, Thank you for the delivery. My sister-in-law loved it and it made me feel as if I was there with her on her special day. keep up the wonderful work! Cheers. afida

21 November 2011
Molly, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks babeJ. Great Job !! Great life to you too & take care Candice.

21 October, 2011
Lily, Kuala Lumpur
I have just banked in the money to you..Thanks so much for your great services.. :)-

21 October, 2011
Melisa, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice..It's beautiful ! Thanks so much.

6 October, 2011
Yohanes, Yogyakarta
Dear Candice, Thanks so much for the nice flowers ! Best regards, Yohanes.

23 September, 2011
Jenifer, Taiwan
Dear PETALBEES, I stayed in Taiwan, I asked my friend to order a basket of roses sent to my mum yesterday. You guys have really done a good job. Flowers awesome !!! Due to your execellent services, I will order another fruits and flowers basket to my friend's birthday on 30 September. Hope to deal with you again. Many thanks.

23 September, 2011
Ms Kong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi candice, I heard that the flowers are arranged beautifully ! Our client loves the flowers so much.
I m always pleased with your great services. Thank you again and I will certainly looking forward to use your services again in the future...生意兴荣 !:)-

20 September, 2011
Ralph, Cyberjaya
Hi candice,petalbees team,
We already received the flower bouquet. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and great service!
Until next time. Regards,Ralph

15 September 2011
Fira, Kuala Lumpur
Morning Candice, Tq so much 4 da luvly flower u hav husband luv it so much.
He's blushing right now coz all his couligue is teasing him ahaha....
luv doing business wit u & will always go 2 u. Regards : Fira & Wan

14 September 2011
Jenny Chin, Singapore
I would like to say Thanks you so much for your wonderful service, Flowers arrived on time..fresh and beautiful.
You guys really very professional in what you do..' Jia yu ! Jia yu ! will support you again.

13 September 2011
Melissa, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much..Very nice ( two bouquets also very nice )..Love it ! :)
Wish your business grow BIG BIG !!

7 September 2011
Mun Ling, Hong Kong
I write in to thank you for the wonderful services. My mum absolutely loves the flowers.
I m very satisfied with your services and had also recommended to my friends in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Well Done & keep in up the good work ! Will order again soon.

2 September 2011
Goh, Kota Kinabalu
You guys did a great job ! Though it was short notice. You managed to send on time & flowers are nice and fresh..You really made HER DAY ..Thanks again for allowing us to transfer the payment after delivering of flowers. Highly recommend services.

23 August 2011
Siti, Sarawak
Wah it is so cute..very nice ! Thank you so much Candice.

08 August 2011
Kwan, Singapore
I just got the mms of the flowers is very nice and fresh..
Thank you for your great personal wife love them so much..
Thanks again Candice.

27 July, 2011
Ruzana, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, We love the bouquet. Very nice!! even my boss like it too!
I think the pink flower looks better than the one in the photo. Rgds, Ruzana

23 July 2011
Alan, Sarawak
Thanks so much..Saw the pic of the flower already and she still dont know the sender yet....It look really pretty..Hope to deal with u ppl in the futher : )

18 July 2011
May, Petaling Jaya
I had a lovely basket yesterday from my husband..The flowers were stunning and fresh.
Thank you so much. Keep it up the good work !

16 July 2011
Adrian, Kuala Lumpur
I would like to express a " BIG THANK YOU " for your prompt delivery and quality product your company provided..The flowers are looking great ! I will certainly be buying from you again. I have booked marked your website :)

7 July 2011
Annie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thanks so much for the great work..My friend said the flowers very nice.
I m so happy she likes them. Keep up the good work.

27 June 2011
Muhammad, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much for your wonderful services..The flowers very fresh and beautiful, My girl friend was very happy with them..appreciated for the great work !..We will definately order from you again soon.

25 June 2011
Jenifer, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers arrangement ! Thanks Candice.

12 June, 2011
Shalina, Dubai
Hey Candice, A very good morning to you…you and your team did it again. My bro was very thrilled and excited with the flowers, cake and the goodies. Really appreciate you going the extra mile and delivering on time. Again you made my bro’s birthday special. Your team has an amazing speed of reverting to customer’s request and also not forgetting the quality of service. That’s the reason I always choose you guys amongst many. Thanks and Regards, Shalina

2 June 2011
Joey, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers arrangement ! Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.

25 May 2011
Archana G Krishnan, Bangalore
Thanks for delivery of flowers in KL on 19 May. It was very beautiful. Appreciate it a lot.

20 May 2011
Vincent, Kota Kinabalu
Dear Candice, my girl friend loves the flowers so much..thank you for the extra love love you put in to enhance the arrangement which is not in the photo..when you explain to me, i could not figure out how it would look turns out sweet and lovely arrangement. Appreciated.. All the best ya..

12 May 2011
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Petalbees, thank you very much for your prompt delivery..The flowers are nice and fresh. Looking forward to order again from you in the near future..again thanks for accommodating our short notice order..Keep it up the good work !

8 May 2011
Kelly, Cumbria
Dear Candice, Oh my goodness. Thank you so so much. I received a call from a teary mother :) Thank you, you have made many people happy.

22 April 2011
Alex, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Petalbees, i m writing to thank your team for the wonderful flowers basket and your excellence services. She was very happy. It really save my time to go through the hassle to order online..appreciated you accomodate our special request.

16 April 2011
Ms Foong, Kuala Lumpur
Wow! The flower arrangement was very nice and fresh. Our client like them so much..thank you so much Candice for your personal touch. Appreciated your prompt delivery ! Will keep your contact for our future ordering flowers.

6 April 2011
Zarinah, Kuala Lumpur
My auntie love the flower and much appreciate on your help. She did send me a picture of the flower cantik nya !!!terpikat . I will order from you again Candice. Thank you.

15 March 2011
Patrick, Singapore
Hi Candice, thank you so much for the fast delivery...Sorry to give you short notice. You guys are excellent..Wonderful flowers arrangement and my client love them. Thank you again..May your business grow !

4 March 2011
Lily, Kuala Lumpur
I m very satisfied with your great services. My friend love the flowers so much, it is very nice, fresh and sweet. Well done.

22 February 2011
Salamah, Singapore
Hi Candice, I'm very happy with your excellent service! Will not hesitate to order from u again in the future. All success yeah! Regards, Salamah

22 February 2011
Fira, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thank you 4 the flower arrangement. It just lovely. Will recommend you in the future : )

19 February, 2011
Sophia, New Zealand
Thank you so much candice for the prompt service. My grandma was delighted when she opened her eyes that the same Friday afternoon to see the beautiful big basket of roses. It really cheereed her up and blessed her heart knowing that we although faraway, were thinking of her..Your beautiful roses ' vowed' the whole family too. J Thanks again for your wonderful service. Blessings to you too and wishing you all the best 2011. Surely will contact you for any future flowers requirement. Regards, Sophia Currie

14 February, 2011
Edward, Johor
Thank you so much candice for your great services. I made somone very happy...Thanks again.. Will recommend..

14 February, 2011
Adrian, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you candice, Thanks for the very nice roses. My girlfriend loved it. We're looking forward to order more flowers from you in future. Once again,thank you very much. Regards,

13 February, 2011
Sanjay, Qatar
Thank you candice, she loved the flowers. Thanks again n may god bless you... :-) cheers sanjay

10 February, 2011
Christie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks a lot for the arrangement...My friend like it so much...Will keep in touch ya ! Huaaaattt arhhh !! Gong hei gong hei ; p

08 February, 2011
Chithra Govindan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I ordered some flowers from overseas because i was traveling for work and i must say that you guys did a wonderful job of keeping me pre-informed of any possible changes in flower colors or delivery times. Also, the Sunday it was meant to be delivered, it rained from morning till night and yet the flowers were delivered in beautiful condition. I know that must have been hard to accomplish and I am very grateful that yourself and your delivery team managed to get that done for my mom's special day. Thanks for a wonderful job done. Highly recommended! Well Done Petalbees ! Chithra Govindan

Ravindran, Bangladesh
Hi Candice, Thank you so much for sending the flowers in good time and the personalised service. Will be in touch if i need more in da future. Ravi.

Jessie, KL
Morning Candice. Thank you the prompt delivery services..The flowers are fresh and lovely. Thanks a lot.

22 January 2011
Albert Tan, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks for the flowers..Is very beautiful             
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