27, February 2019
Karen Australia
Thank you Candice. My mum loves the flowers arrangement! Thanks again

27, February, 2019
Khar, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, just wanna thank you for the beautiful flowers. You never fail to amaze me with your flowers arrangement and i love it.

23, February 2019
Vikas, Kuala Lumpur
Just got it, it's lovely thank you so much !! :)

23, February, 2019
Khar, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks for the flowers. Its so beautiful. Will definately puchase from u in d future. Thumbs up !

14, February 2019
Sayed Ali, Doha
Your flowers and services are awesome.

14, February, 2019
Micheal Askew, US
Your flowers are so beautiful. I will be doing business with you from now on. She loved them!! Thank you so much.

14 January, 2019
Anita, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you for the beautiful flowers..appreciate you take my last minutes order.

11, February 2019
Michelle Khoo, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers combinations. Many thanks Candice.

18, January, 2019
Jasmina, Kuala Lumpur
Love the roses. Many thanks Candice.

9, January, 2019
Rogg Nicolai,Friedrichshafen
Have to say you many many thanks again! Tank you for great the work and help!

8, January, 2019
Jolene, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I have gotten the flowers. Soo pretty....

7, January, 2019
Michelle, Kuala Lumpur
Really appreciate your services...love...pretty...Will come back again. Thank you so much !

2, January, 2019
Indiran, Dubai
Thank you very much. She loved it.

28 December, 2018
Bill Leslie, New York
My children have received the flowers...they look beautiful..Many thanks Candice.

10 December, 2018
Lalita, Australia
Very beautiful, thanks a lot.

4, December, 2018
Vino, Kuala Lumpur
She just called me and so excited 1 She said its’s Beautiful. Thank you so much for such lovely job: each time !

20 Oct, 2018
Bryan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Oh very nice. Thankssss

17, October, 2018
Sin Yin, Kuala Lumpur

10, November, 2018
Megat, Singapore
Hi Candice. All the flowers are awesome. My boss was very happy. Thank you for accommodating our short notice order. Keep it up the good work.

30, October, 2018
Peng Lee, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, the flowers was beautiful. Thank you very much for your effort and your prompt delivery.

8, October, 2018
Derick, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,My wife so happy. I already promote your number to some of my friends...:) Many thanks

23, September, 2018
Derick, Singapore
Hi Candice, the bridal bouquet is gorgeous, my wife love them so much. Thanks for the petals. Keep it up the good work :)

15, September, 2018
Puan Yati, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Ms Tan, my daughter just receiver the gift and flowers. TQ for the prompt delivery and nice flowers. Will repeat order soon.

8, September, 2018
Razi, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for the lovely flowers. My wife likes it so much. Really appreciated your great services. We wish you all the best.

Fadzlin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi,Thanks so much Candice! My mum receiceved the beautiful bouquet. Have been using Petalbees service many times and I am always satisfied!

Narazleene, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Nicely done. Made us happy. Thanks for helping me cheering her up ...Will definitely refer you to friends. Excellent services.

25 August, 2018
Helen, Indonesia
Hi Candice, Beautiful flowers. Thank you for accommodating my last minutes order.

20 August, 2018
Dr.Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees. Thank you for the lovely flowers arrangement and prompt delivery services.

5, August, 2018
Jennifer, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees. My friend has received the flowers and she loves it so much. Gorgeous. Will order from you again.

11, July, 2018
James, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Great job ..thumbs up ! ..my partners are very happy with the flowers

8, July, 2018
Jacky, Kuala Lumpur
Hi "Just to say thank you for your excellent service with my recent order. My client was very pleased and happy to received the flowers

7, July, 2018
C K Mah, Hong Kong
Hi Petalbees, Thank you for your wonderful flowers and services which help us reach our people miles away!

23, June, 2018
Emma, Kuala Lumpur
He received it. Very nice. Many thanks

23,June, 2018
Lily, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees, My boss very happy with the flowers. Thanks for sending it on time. Keep it up the good job.

2,June, 2018
Din, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, She is really happy. Awesome!

26, May, 2018
Susan Duff, Australia
Nice, Thank you. Brilliant.

26, May, 2018
Siti zulaika, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees, Your efforts are commendable. We look forward to utilize your services again.

23, May, 2018
Hi Petalbees, My wife received the flowers already..very nice ! thanks ya

23, May, 2018
Shariman, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees, My wife received the flowers already..very nice ! thanks ya

13, May, 2018
Jason, Singapore
Hi Candice, Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers arrangement. My mum was so happy. Keep it up the good work.

11, May, 2018
Hi Petalbees, The flowers were fresh and arrived on time.Will order from you again

9, May, 2018
Cindy, Australia
Hi Candice, The flowers were lovely.

12, April, 2018
Natashia, Kuala Lumpur
The flowers are lovely. Thank you very much.

12, April, 2018
Shirney, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees. Thank you for accommodating my very last minute order and ensure prompt delivery. Flowers are beautiful

11 April , 2018
Indiran Muniandy, Dubai
Hi Candice, thank you very much for your excellent services. Shall Keep look for you for future orders.

2 April , 2018
Eliza,Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much for rushing my last minutes order...the flowers were so pretty.

2 April , 2018
CK Leong,Australia
Hi Petalbees, this is my 3rd times ordered from you..Your flowers always look good and never fail impress me. BIG THANKS.

31, March, 2018
Partricia, JB
Hi Candice, the flowers were aboslutely gorgeous and arrived on time. My grandma loved them so much..

20 March, 2018
David, Victoria
Thanks Candice for the delivery. Flowers look great !

24, February 2018
Atiqah, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Its very super beautiful flowers arrangement. Like it very much..happy to deal with you. May your business going very well :)

20, January, 2018
Vikas, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Thank you very much for the lovely flowers. Well done.

15, January, 2018
Linda, Landon
Nice flowers..Thank you for making my mum a happy day...Like your services. Thank you very much.

5, January, 2018
Priya, Kuala Lumpur
He juz received the gifts... Thank you so much madam for the wonderful gifts. Look so nice !

5, December, 2017
Sofie, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers basket..Just nice to celebrate before the entered new age.

2, December, 2017
Bobby, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice. She loves the flowers and gifts.

22, November, 2017
Jenny, Singapore
Wonderful arrangement. Thank you so much.

21, November, 2017
Don, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice..She is very happy. Will be ordering from you soon.

16, November, 2017
Velewan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, hanks a lot for the flowers. Was beautiful. Really appreciate it.

13, November, 2017
May Ting, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, really provide good quality service to customer & I'll definitely recommends u to my other colleague..Thx a lot

5, November, 2017
John, Singapore
Thank you very much Candice. The bouquet is beautiful, my wife loved it.

31, October, 2017
Lily, Singapore
Thank you very much to Petalbees team. Beautiful...will certainly buy from you again.

17, October, 2017
Rem, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My girl friend loves it so much. Thank you.

5, October, 2017
Jean, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much Candice. The wreath arrangements is awesome.

3, October, 2017
Adeline, Kuala Lumpur
My boss said the flowers are very nice...will order from you again. Thank you

27, September, 2017
Emily, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice. I have received the flowers. Its beautiful.

27, September, 2017
Ms Tan, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Nice bouquet.

5, September, 2017
Meena, Langkawi
Thank you for the arrangement and all went well.. Appreciate it..

2, September, 2017
Ms Ong, Kuala Lumpur
The recipient is very happy with the flowers. Thank you.

30, August 2017
Minseon Gan, Korea
Thank you so much! My girlfriend loved the flower just like last year haha. Petalbees help connect a couple who are 4700km away from each other^^

24, August, 2017
Khar, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, my friend really like the flowers you arranged. :) I m happy coz she is happy.

23, August, 2017
Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much candice..my wife loves it and great services !!

23, August 2017
Racheal, Sydney
Hi Thank you so much for the extremely beautiful wreath ! I will definitely order flowers for other occasions for my friends and relatives in KL as well as recommend you to others too.

11, August, 2017
Nina, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My sister received the flowers..beautiful ! Many thanks

22, July 2017
Melvin Bernabe, Singapore
Thank you for the lovely flower arrangement. She loved it so much. Will definitely recommend you and will buy from you again. Have a nice day Candice

21, June, 2017
Chuah, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Very nice !

16, June, 2017
Kah, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you for the awesome services.

30, May, 2017
Hidayat, Kuala Lumpur
Arrived. Thank you very much candice..my wife loves it !!

15, May, 2017
Astrid, London
Hi Candice, Thank you for the flowers, Candice. They are beautiful !! All the best.

1 May, 2017
Joyce, Singapore
Dear Candice!! My friend has received both flower wreaths n sent photos of them to me!! The wreath look beautiful n fresh. Much thanks to you for the beautiful flowers n arrangement !! Grateful 😘😃

18, April 2017
Norizan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Tq for fullfilling my last minute request. My friend is a happier birthday girl today. :)

7, April 2017
Wan, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Thank you very much. It's lovely.

7, April 2017
Josephine, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees. Very very nice hand bouquet. Many thanks.

30, March , 2017
Vincent, Australia
Hi Candice, Many thanks for your prompt delivery. My mum loves the flowers arrangement so much.

28, March, 2017
Sugi, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Hi Petalbees. It's beautiful flowers..thanks.

10, March 2017
Rina, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Flowers arrangement was beautiful :)..

21, February, 2017
Eric, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Thank you very much. My wife loves the flowers.

19, February, 2017
Peter, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Thank you very much for your nice and big bridal bouquet.

15, February, 2017
Patrick, California
You're now my main florist whenever i need it, ill be morethan happy to support your business thanks again.

14, February, 2017
Jerry, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,She got the flowers and said they were absolutely beautiful.I will be ordering more from you. :)Thanks again.

14, February, 2017
Vincent, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, She received the flowers and she loves it. Many thanks.
9, February, 2017
Mr. Tsen, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you very much for arranging nicely.

4,February, 2017
Linda, Australia
Hi Petalbees, thank you very for the prompt delivery gorgeous flowers today..it certainly brighten her day.

28,December 2016
Kesh, Kuala Lumpur
Ms Tan, She just received it.. It was very lovely. Thank you !

27, November 2016
Mr.Kamal, Kuala Lumpur
Ms Tan, Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers..it exactly same with the photo.

22, November 2016
Mrs Yuz, Penang
Lovely bouquet. Thank you very much Petalbees. Datin loves it..Made her day !

16, November 2016
William, Kuala Lumpur
She loves the flowers J thanks so much again for your suggestion and efficient process to help me order something special for my wife.

7, November 2016
karen, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, FYI have received the hand bouquet, very nice. Thank you very much.

31, October, 2016
Liz, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, nice flowers and good choices of fruits. Thanks so much

28, October, 2016
Hafiz, Kuala Lumpur
Beautiful. Thats her birthday. Tq Candice for flowers arrangement. Goodjob

14, October, 2016
Ms Chan, Kuala Lumpur
Morning candice, my friend likes the fruit basket. Very nice. Thanks a lots.

14, October 2016
Jay, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much Candice. My boss loved it much.
6, October, 2016
Fui Peng, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The sun flowers basket very beautiful. Thank you very much.

6, October, 2016
Swati, Kuala Lumpur
My parents received the flowers n really liked it...Thanks Candice :)

1, October, 2016
Kamini, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Omgg its so pretty ! I totally love it ! Thank you so mucchh..I will definately be ordering from you again :)love....

27, September, 2016
Mira, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks. My friend is very happy with the flowers.

12, September, 2016
Mimi, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much for delivering on time .And the flowers look so fresh and beautiful.Really worth the money. Thank you once again

5,September, 2016
Janice, Singapore
Just wanted to let you know that both my aunt and I are very happy with the flowers. It really made her day. Thank you for such awesome customer service.

19, August 2016
Aaron, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I have transferred the flowers money. Thank you very much for your perfect arrangement. Cheers !

18, August 2016
Sarab, Kuala Lumpur
Hi there. Thanks very much on your exceptional service. The flowers and teddy bear are amazing.Once again..a BIG thank you

18, August 2016
Joe, Kuala Lumpur
Nice Flowers. Thank you Candice. U make my day and her too :)

11, August, 2016
Julia, Zurich
Hi Candice. My friend has just written to me. She said the orchirds sooo beautiful. Wish you all the best.

11, August, 2016
Mastura, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Cantikkkk,,thanks a lot. I like your services.

26, July 2016
Jenny, Singapore
Appreciated much for the lovely and fresh flowers sent. My boss very happy with your services. As a satisfied customer..I will be purchasing from you again.

19, July 2016
Asyraf, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks so much Candice. My wife received the flowers and she liked it

17, July 2016
Bernard, Landon
I just want to say thank you for the beautifully set flowers and excellent delivery timing. Well done & keep it up. TQ

16, July 2016
Audrey, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice. Thanks for delivering the flowers and fruit basket early yesterday😀They were lovely👍 Mum loved them 💕

11, July 2016
Kean Cheng, Hong Kong
Hi Candice, Thank you very much for my friend's flower arrangement yesterday ! On time delivery and the flower basket was pretty ! My friend liked it ! Thank you again !

5 July 2016
Bavani, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The flowers look very beautiful. Thank you so much.

25, June 2016
Victoria, Melbourne
Thank you for your great service and product. Definitely will order from you again in the future. Highly recommended!

23, June 2016
Marlon, Saudi Arabia
Hi Candice, The flowers were perfect. Thank you very much.

21, June 2016
Kate Suebsoh, Bangkok
Thank you for your help. I love the flowers.

15, June 2016
Sulin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, so beautiful and fresh flowers. Exactly same as the website photo. I am now become Petalbees's loyal customer.

2, June 2016
Wilhelm, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, today the flowers arrived and looking good. My wife was really surprised. Thank you again.

2, June 2016
Pearly, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you very much for your understanding and good prompt service and of course not forgetting your beautiful flowers creations!.

30, May, 2016
Vincent, Australia
Hi, Candice, My GF really loves the flowers...thank you so much and will certainly surprise her more

17, May 2016
Zalihar, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Thank you Candice. They are beautiful.

16, May, 2016
Mrs Poon, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Appreciate for all your help..the teacher sent me thank you message

11, May 2016
Kia Hong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Candice, Great! Impressive ! My boss likes the bouquet. Thanks

8, May 2016
Chun Khai Gan, Australia
Hi, Candice, thanks for the awesome services. They were all very happy with the product.

8, May, 2016
Pravina, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for d great services. I m ordering flowers for mother's day for the past few yrs and have not been disappointed :)

8,May, 2016
Zurie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi, Candice, Duly received with thanks. They loved it. We would arrange other delivery order in the near future with you :)

4, May 2016
Kelvin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thanks for the beautiful flowers. She loves it.

29 April 2016
Sean, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, waaa very nice flowers combinations

25, April 2016
Ms Lim, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice..Thanks for the flowers. My mom loves it so much.
17, April 2016
Nadia, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, So pretty !! My gf loved it heaps..

15, April 2016
Khairun, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My boy friend loved the flowers. Thanks so much.

15, April, 2016
Mastura, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, very nice. Thank you.

14, April, 2016
Rishen, Indonesia
Hi Candice...Lovely bouquet...thanks so much.

6, April 2016
Michelle, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The booth much better with your flowers...Thanks so much

6, April 2016
Chaiya, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The recipient informed me that it is gorgoues. Thanks so much...

4, April 2016
Rahimah, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, she received it..Beautiful roses.

1, April, 2016
Kong,Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks for the delivery today. It turns out to be great :)

31, March 2016
Shazana,Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees, My aunt received the flowers. I m so satisfied with your services.

29, March 2016
Gordon,Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thanks a lot. I like your services.

28, March 2016
Melvin, Australia
Hi Candice, My wife loves the flowers so much and she was so happy. Thanks so much for your help...

14, March 2016
Lau, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Bouquet received. Appreciate your add-on and very satisfy with it overall; prompt response, being accommodative etc.Thanks.

8, March 2016
Ms Lim, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice , flower arrived. That put a smile on the heart patient . Many thanks for your effor.

4 March 2016
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The flower already arrive and it’s very lovely.Thank you so much for yr understanding.

19, February 2016
Lin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, She loves it !! Thanks a lot ! Great job ! thumb up

15, February, 2016
Mala, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My boss saw the flowers and was very impressed though expensive. Thank you so much

13, February, 2016
Hano, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,it is very lovely flowers.Tq so much appreciated at such short notice.

28, January, 2016
Firdaus, London
Hi Candice,it is very nice arrangements.thanks for the meaningful delivery. Great Work Petalbees.

22, January, 2016
Anna, London
Hi Candice just wanted to let you know they were extremely pleased with your arrangement n they even ask your contact number. TQVM. Anna

18, January, 2016
Uma, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, nice and simple. The colour look awesome. My hubby loves it so much. THANKS.

12, January, 2016
Farisha, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice...mu husband received ready the flower and the cake...he really love it....tq so much again...

8, January, 2016
Ms. Neoh, Singapore
Hi Candice, That is very nice flowers arrangement. :)

4, January, 2016
Karimah, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, lovely !!! Surely will order again for next occasion. thumb up :)

30, December, 2015
Azrulnizam, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Dear Candice, Yeah my wife said your bouquet so lovely and nice. Never failed me :)Again thanks for your support

30, December, 2015
Cindy, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Dear Candice, Ah..So nice ! Thanks.

22, December, 2015
Rahman, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Thank you very much. Ske like it so much . :)

21, December, 2015
Emily, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Morning Candice, Thanks for your arrangement and great services.

2,December, 2015
Fazlin, Kuala Lumpur
My mum have received the flowers. Thank you again for a great service. Have been using Petal bees service for the 3rd time now and you have never failed!!Great work!!

28, November, 2015
Yin Wen, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for the flowers ! It is so pretty and the receiver is so happy. Thank you again :)

28, November, 2015
Firdaus, Kuala Lumpur
Candice tq so much for fabulous service from petalbees...i very satisfied with the such beautiful flowers basket arrangement and my friend happy received this gift.

25, November, 2015
Carmen, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees, beautiful flowers.very satisfied your services. thanks so much. Candice.

18, November, 2015
Dear Candice, I am delighted to see the bouquet. I am sure the staff at the company will be pleased by it too, and I will certainly be in touch again for future order in KL.

14, November, 2015
ozie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Many thanx for your great service. Truly pleased and appreciate it very much.

2, November, 2015
Ms Chan, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much. Nice Sunflowers ! thumb up

7, November, 2015
Nurina, Kuching
Thanks. Beautiful indeed, I love it ! Can't help keep looking at it :)...will deal with u again in the future. thumb up !

27, October, 2015
Megawati, Negeri Sembilan
Thank you very much for the good services. I really like the arrangement. Glad I pick you....Will keep in touch.

26, October, 2015
vincent, Johor
Hi Petalbees, Wow Nice flowers, My wife really love the flowers..keep it up the good work !

20, October 2015
Ms Foo, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice. My boss very pleased with the flowers.

17, October, 2015
Parisan,Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice. He is more than happy. Next order will be one more bouquet for birthday.

17, October, 2015
Adlan, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice. My wife received it...nice flowers! Thank you again for your great services candice.:)

14, October, 2015
Sanjukta, India
Thank you so much for delivering the happy birthday balloons to my nephew on time. I was so anxious as to how to send a token for my nephew's birthday, all the way from India, but thanks to you, it was all done seamlessly.Thanks again :)

09, October 2015
Sam, GB
Thank you Candice. My parents have received the flowers and they have reported that it is a lovely bouquet! Thank you so much - it has been a good experience shopping with yourselves. I will definitely repurchase in the future.

06, October 2015
Ms Foo, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, it is lovely. Thank you.

01, October 2015
Jasvine, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice.. It is really nice. Thank you so much for accommodating to me. .thankkkkk you appreciate it alot...

26, September 2015
Agnes, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks so much it's very nice. Thank you for your good services..We always support you ! :)

26 September, 2011
Angel, Kuala Lumpur
So nice...Thanks Candice.

25,September, 2015
Mohd Zulhelmi, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks. already get it..Really nice bouquet.

25,September, 2015
Stevent, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers. Thank you.

24, September 2015
Nina, Klang
My mum received the orchids already.  She loves it so much.  Thank you again for the beautiful orchirds.  Will surely buy from you again.

25, September 2015
Steven, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers.  Thank you Candice
20, September, 2015
Christine, Taiwan
Hi Candice, Thank you so much. Nice flowers arrangement.

18, September, 2015
Zariani, Singapore
Hi Candice, Thank you so much. U make her day...She really like them so much. She already received

18 September, 2015.
Nina, Klang
Hello, I have received the roses bouquet. Its so beautiful and I LOVE it so much !!! Cant wait to hold them tomorrow. Will send you pic of me holdings the flowers ..

15, September, 2015
Uma, Kuala Lumpur
Morning Ms Candice, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing roses.. Dey looking so beautiful.. My hubby really like to so much.. Look forward to order more flowers from u all.. Thanks for your good services 👍 Keep it up.

9, September, 2015
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I saw the flowers.  Thank you very much for the awesome flowers arrangement.  I am looking forward to contacting you in the near future for the next order.

8, September,  2015
Janet, Singapore
My girlfriend had received the flowers and she loved it.  Thank you so much for your fast delivery despite I ordered late.  Good Job Petalbees !! Thumbs Up !!

1. Sept , 2015
Abby, KL
Hi candice, You have been very helpful..Nice and beautiful flowers...Highly recommended !...

28, August 2015
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice.  Ur service is very good ! My cousin has received the bouquet..It's been nice flowers basket indeed.
28, August 2015
Grace, KL
Thanks so much Candice! I like the bouquet ! :)

19,  August 2015
Esther, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks very beautiful.

9, August 2015
David, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks very nice flowers.

8 August, 2015
Brendan, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Many thanks for the flowers and the bear - they have both been a great hit!

2, August 2015
Yong, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks so much Candice.  The flowers stand is well decorated.

31 July, 2015
Lisha, KL
Dear Petal Bees, Thank you on the delivery. He liked it very much. Regards, Lisha

30 July, 2015
Siti, Miri
Hi Candice, She likes the flowers very much...love your services...

29 July, 2015
C.Y Fong, Singapore
Thank Q so much Candice.  U re so wonderful and efficient.  Next time will recommend some other friends to you.

17, July 2015
Zuraini, Singapore
Thanks a lot.  She received already.  Nice.  Thanks for your prompt service.  Much appreciated. 
15, July 2015
Loosee, KL
Nice flowers..thanks so much Candice.

12, July 2015
Simon, Australia
Hi Candice, you are very professional and helped me a lot today..I am so lucky to have you and I will continue to support your business!  I am very pleased Simon

9, July, 2015
Lalitha, Kuala Lumpur
I received the receipts and the flowers bouquet looks beautiful.  Thanks so much.

9, July, 2015
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, The flowers was nice.  I like your services..will give you more business ahead !!

3, July 2015
Jothy, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Woooow so nice dear. Thanks so much..


27 June,2015
Norainy, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Alhamdulillah and thank you so much. Cantik nya..Really appreciate it.

24 June,2015
William, Singapore
My wife sent me a picture of the flowers. It looks very nice, love the colours that you used. Again am very happy with your service and product. Look forward to next time. Take care. Regards, William

20 June, 2015
Yoggie, Kuala Lumpur
Hello Petalbees ! Thanks again for the beautiful flowers and gift, it looked very nice

10 June, 2015
Ming, Kuala Lumpur
You guys did a great job !  Though it was short notice.  You managed to send on time ,flowers are nice and fresh..You really made HER DAY . Highly recommend services.

5 June 2015
Mira, KL
Just want to tell you, thank you for the arrangement. My friend loves the flower so much and the best part of it is, the flower bloom so nicely. I had attached the picture she send to me this morning, isnt it beautiful?

29 May 2015
Isma. KL
Love it and Dato loves it too.

28 May 2015
Goh, Melaka
TQ. Patient said very beautiful. keep up the wonderful work.

22 May 2015
Ann, KL
Thank you. Flowers are pretty combinations.

16 May 2015
Vicky, KL
Hi Candice, Its beautiful. Thank you.

16 May 2015
Jeff. KL
Hi miss, my lecturer received already. Thank you so much for your very good service..this is my 2nd time buy with you..thanks alot..☺

14, May 2015
Rizz, PJ
Finally found a flower delivery I can trust.  She loves the fl
owers. You have another satisfied customer on your list. Indeed she is curious, it's updated on her fb status :). Look forward to acquiring your services in the future. God Bless you too :)

11, May 2015
Srini, KL
The flowers are awesome thank u

11. May 2015
Firhan, KL
Hi Candice,
We have received the flowers, they are lovely. Tqvm.Look forward doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks. Regards,Firhan

11,May 2015
Catherine, Australia
Hi Candice, Yes, my mum received the flowers yesterday and she loves it.She said it is huge and beautiful. Thanks for the prompt service. Regards. Catherine

11,May 2015
Jo-Lynn, KL
Hi Candice! Thank you for delivering such a gorgeous bouquet (better than what was shown in the pictures!) to my mum on time as promised :) Great arrangement and very good service. Thanks again!

28,April 2015
Sue, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My niece has just received her flowers.  Its lovely done...Thanks so much.

18,April 2015
Ms Chin, Kuala Lumpur
Nice flowers Ms Tan.  Thank you very much for your effort.

14, April 2015
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, the bouqeut and Elmo arrive safely ON TIME.  Thank you very much for your BEST service, although I ordered at very last minute. I won't regret choosing your services. Thank you for your team as well !!! Good services.

11, April, 2015
Ginnie, Kuala Lumpur
The flowers look nice.  Thank you so much for the owesome and great services.

11, April, 2015
Vicky, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, thank you so much for the delivery.  The bouquet look very beautiful....Thanks again.

10,April 2015
Mrs Wong, Kuala Lumpur
The bouquet of flowers was nice.  Thank you very much.

4,April 2015
Jerry, Kuala Lumpur
Wow nice.  Love it..Thanks a lot..will order from you again...thanks gud care...

1, April, 2015
Vincent, Hong Kong
Hi Candice, Wow the flowers are gorgoes!  My girl friend very happy..Thanks for helping me to express my love all the way from overseas.  Appreciated your great work !  Keep it up the good work. Will recommand to my friends...

18, March, 2015
Annie, Kuala Lumpur
TQVM Very nice flowers and looks beautiful.  May your business grow !

13, March, 2015
Putra, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks for the great customer experience Candice! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

6, March, 2015
Izzat, Kuala Lumpur
Gorgeous Bouquet !

4, March, 2015
Hazim,  Kuala Lumpur
Waaa nice..So beautiful la...My God so leng la

3, March, 2015
Meli, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you.  The flowers are beautiful.

12,February 2015
Alyssa, Kuala Lumpur
The reviews about your said company  really proved it.

10,February 2015
Fazlina, Kuala Lumpur
Awesome services...Definately will repeat order with Petalbees.

7, February, 2015
Dato' Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Very nice flowers.  Thank you so much Candice.

7, February 2015
Aswani, Kuala Lumpur
Tq cho much for your wonderful gift Ms Candice...My bf was so hapi...Best of luck for the future business Petalbees.

29, January, 2015
Kelly, Kuala Lumpur
Well done.  Thank you very much Candice.

23, January, 2015
Wendy, Kuala Lumpur
My sister loves the flowers so much.  Thanks Candice.

19, January 2014
Suganth, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much.  the flowers looks so pretty...

18, January 2014
Helmi, Kuala Lumpur
Very nice flower arrangement.  Tqvm

14 January, 2015
Jaalini, Kuala Lumpur
Perfect One.  Thank you very much.

7, January, 2015
Ms Tan, Kuala Lumpur
Nice Combinations.  Very good services.  My pleasure to deal with you.

27 December, 2014
Joseph, Singapore
Hi Candice, All at the funeral home, including Dato'said your flowers were beautiful. Thank you very much...

24, December 2014
Faridah, Singapore
WOWWWW VERY GRAND ! THK U..My mum was sooo excited and called us to say thank you and commented its is huge one... THANK YOU agn Candice ! God bless yeah...

16, December 2014
Ravigadevi, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for delivering  the beautiful flowers.

13, December 2014
Ms.Shan, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice.  It looks great !

5, December  2014
Yong, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice.  It's loverly

5, December, 2014
Ahmand, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees. My gf really like the flower and the combinations.  TQVM.

25, November 2014
Tiny, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Very nice flowers arrangement.  Thank you very much.

25, November, 2014
Norainy, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Gud job. Really appreciate it...thumb uppp !!

12, October 2014
Grace, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, I received all your gorgeous flower yesterday! My accounts department will issued you a cheque and payment should be with you next week.  Thank you very much! You’re the best! ;)  Have a nice day ahead!

31, October, 2014
Queenie, New South Wales
Thank you very much, Candice. My mum is very happy with the flowers.  Have a good weekend!

20, October, 2014
Ms Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice.  We saw the flowers.  It is very nice and u guys apparently was first to arrive.  Thanks for your good services.

16, October 2014
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, This is my second time experience. I love your convenience service. And...I love the surprise! I should thank you for my previous experience.  THANK YOU!

12, October 2014
Denise, Hong Kong
Hi Candice, Thanks so much for your flowers and my friend like it very much.

9, October, 2014
Lucy, Hong Kong
Dear Candice, Many thanks for delivering the flowers and gift so efficiently. I had a lovely message from my friend and she posted a photo on Facebook.  Best regards,Lucy

6, October,  2014
Irda, Kuala Lumpur
Good morning Candice, I've received the fruits and flowers basket.  It is very lovely ! Thanks so much.  I've also make payment to your delivery guy sorry couldn't manage to TT it earlier.

3, October, 2014
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Wow so nice.  Thank you very much Candice.

25, September 2014
Tiny, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Very nice flowers arrangement. Thank you very much.

25, September, 2014
Norainy, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Candice. Gud job. Really appreciateit...thumb uppp !!

23, September 2014
Ms.Leong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Very nice flowers arrangement.  Thank you very much.

15, September, 2014
Annie, Kuala Lumpur
TQVM Very nice flowers and looks marvellous.

11, September 2014
Renne, Singapore
Dear Candice, if you remember me.  My aunty received the flowers at the hospital ( sentosa hospital)  and it was already there when she was out from the operating room.  It was timely.  She was very happy to see the beautiful flowers; and it has certainly cheered her up.  Thank you.

7, September, 2014
Betty, Kota Kinabalu
Hi Candice,Thanks you so much for the beautiful flowers arrangement. My boss so happy..

27, August 2014
Renee, Singapore
Thank you so much Candice.  My sister received the flowers this morning.  She loves it very much.  An my little nephew loved the bear that comes with the flowers.  Thank you.  I will post a thank you note on your website.  Have a great day ahead !

23, August 2014
Betty, Kota Kinabalu
Thanks Candice.  Received sms from my boss.  Her friend was so happy.  The flower looks grand and fabulous !  I appreciate  your assistance.  Looks forward for future arrangement with you in the future.

21, August 2014
Srini, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice,
Thanks so much appreciate, absolutely happy with your services.  will have one more order tomorrow, will confirm later.

18, August 2014
Nordina, US
Hi Candice,
My mom absolutely loves her flowers.  The combination of yellow & purple you crafted made her very happy on her birthday. Thank you ! Here’s wishing you much success,  Nordina

14,August, 2014
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Recipient happy for the beautiful gift and I m happy too.  Thanks so much Candice.

14, August 2014
CV, Kuala Lumpur
Sorry for late response, just wanted to say thank you for the nice flowers.

10, August, 2014
Irda, Kuala Lumpur
Many thanks or arranging d lovely gifts.  Really made my day.

9, August, 2014
Ms Kong, Kuala Lumpur
Wow so nice.  Thank you very much Candice. I'll sure contact you if I need flowers : )

1 August 2014
Sharan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My husband received the flowers..He loved it...so beautifully done...:) :) Look much much more beautiful from wat I saw on the site. ..I love it too.. Thank you so much  for the fast and efficient service. Regards Sharan

31 July 2014
Irwan, Indonesia
Hi Candice, It is a very surprise thinking that the delivery will be on tomorrow.  Thanks for the great assistance and wonderful arrangment. It is a cute hello kitty and lovely hand bouquet.

22, July, 2014
Vincent Cheng, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice, the recipient received the flowers and she is very happy with the flowers...I will be ordering another one soon...appreciate your effort.

16, July, 2014
Ashwini, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Ms Candice, he rcv edy, really awesome. tq 4 ur service..i'll be ur regular customer..gud luck 4 ur future Ms...M really happi 4 ur 1derful service...

14, July 2014
Vivian, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks so much.  It is very lovely flowers arrangement.

13, July, 2014
David, Kuala Lumpur
Thx Candice for the great services.  The flowers are awesome ! My wife loves them so much.

4, July 2014
Ms Fong, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice, it is very lovely.

2 July, 2014
Pavitra, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, My boyfriend really loves it. u make my day  :) Thank you so much.  Will recommend to my frenz.

23,June 2014
Mr.Yong, Singapore
Hi Candice, The birthday dinner was a success and your bouquet of flowers was icing on the cake.  The flowers were beautiful and she is so happy.  So thank you ! From : Yong Singapore )

20,June, 2014
Clay, Kuala Lumpur
Woww..so nice arrangement..love it ! Thank you so much Candice for your quick and efficient delivery.

16, June, 2014
Olivia, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, On behalf of KTJ's Prom Committee, I would like to thank you for all the beautiful corsages. Thanks a bunch !

13, June 2014
Nurul, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you very much.  Just now my mum received the flowers...my mum really happy...she said so beautiful... She loves it so much and whatsapp me the photo...beautiful flowers.

13, June, 2014
Fajrin, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice.  He received the flowers. He said " Very beautiful darling ".  Thanks Candice for execellent services and thanks so much for making his day surprising beautiful day ..

9, June, 2014
Srini, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you so much Candice, the flowers are pretty, appreciate your effort.  I will be your regular.

8, June, 2014
Denise, China
Hi Candice, Thanks so much.  We will support you in future.  Best wishes to you.

8, June, 2014
Jesselyn, Kuala Lumpur
Thx Candice for the great services.  Nice flowers.

4, June, 2014
Marlina, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Very nice flowers. Thank you so much !!

4. June, 2014
Sha, Kuala Lumpur
That's so beautiful.  Thanks Candice.

2, June, 2014
Ms Kung, Penang
Hi Candice, The flowers really pretty.  Really thank you for your great services rendered !!

1,June 2014
Sam, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, My wife received the flowers.  She loves it so much and whatsapp me the photo...beautiful flowers.  Appreciated you accommodated my urgent order and fast delivery.

29, May 2014
Ridzwan,Kuala Lumpur
She loves it.  Thank you for your help.  I sure take your service again and recommend you to my friends on facebook.

28, May, 2014
Adam, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice.  Love the flowers.

23,May 2014
Siti, Kuala Lumpur
Candice, it is very beatiful flowers.  Thank you very much.

23, May 2014
Lyn, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks. Appreciate it Candice.  10 thumbs up with 100 brownie points !

20, May 2014
Danny,Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice. Pretty..Awesome

18, May 2014
Maxine, Singapore
Thank you Candice.  It is very nice.  Excellent services.  Well Done Candice.

14,May 2014
Zarul, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Thanx for d flowers petalbees. They were awesome.

12, May, 2014
Way Swan, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks a lot, very beautiful.

11,May 2014
Christine Wong, Kajang
Hello Candice, I have a few friends who are your customers and they recommended me to try your service. I want to thank you for the flowers and early delivery time. My mom was really surprised and she loves the pretty pink roses.

11, May, 2014
Jeffery, Kuala Lumpur
My mum really got shocked and  excited to received the flowers.  Thank you for delivering on time during this peak season.  You are amazing Candice. Keep it up the good work.

11, May, 2014
Jason, UK
Hi Candice, thank you so much for the lovely and fresh flowers arrangement.  My mum loves d flowers so much.  Thumbs up !

10, May, 2014
Jackson, Sarawak
My wife loves the flowers arrangement.  Well Done..thank you, thank you vey much.

10, May, 2014
May, Hong Kong
You guys are just awesome !!!  the flowers were so pretty.  Thank you very much.  Will definately spread Petalbees around my friends especially we re in overseas really hard to find good florists help us to express our love.

9, May, 2014
Susan, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you for the flexibility and prompt delivery for our short notice order...We are satisfied with the beautiful flowers arrangedment and your great customer services..
will keep your contact number for our future flowers delivery.

9, May, 2014
Shila, Kuala Lumpur
Hello Candice, Thank you very much for your help.  I like the flowers, very nice.  I will keep you in mind in the future.

4,May, 2014
Ms Choy, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks for the awesome service, Candice. :)

4, May 2014
Loo, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.  The flowers are very nice.  We love them.

27, April, 2014
Adrian, Singapore
Hi Candice, thanks. Recipient give good comments on the flowers. Thanks a again!

26, April 2014
Fidelia Law, Kuala Lumpur
I love the flowers  Thanks Candice.  Good job

24, April, 2014
Mr Goh,Melaka
Hi Candice. Job well done.  The patient said beautiful flowers wor.  U are great.  Thkz a million

22, April, 2014
Rosni,Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, He received the gift yesterday and we are really happy with the service.  Keep up the good work ya! :)

21, April, 2014
Hi Candice, Awww, this is so adorable.  Love it Ms Candice. Thank you so much for everything..

17, April, 2014
Nally, UK
Tqvm Candice.  Very nice flowers. Pleasure to do business with you. Will be using your services again.

7, April, 2014
Liz, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Received d flowers.  Very nice ! Pls keep the good service ya : )

3, April, 2014
Zarinah, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, Just to let you know my auntie received the flowers and she Love it very much. Thanks so much appreciate it.

30, March, 2014
Azman, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thanks for the amazing services you provided to me today...surely will come back !

26 March, 2014
Jenny Wong, Kuala Lumpur
Many thanks for your prompt delivery, great services and nice flowers.

26, March, 2014
Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, He received the flowers..he was so happy thank u dear.  will continue buying from you...Jus love your service...

25, March, 2014
Munirah, US
Dear Candice, Just to let you know, my mother received the flowers and she love it very much. Thanks so much! Munirah

20, March, 2014
Wang Chaw Yen, Beijing
Candice, They were very happy with the sunflowers/apples and gift delivered yesterday.  Very nicely done, thank you. You have certainly earned my confidence in your service and will be returning soon for another birthday order in April.

15, March, 2014
Grace, Singapore
Beautiful flowers arrangement. Thank you so much for this extra service, really appreciate it.

14, March 2014
Josephine, Singapore
Hi Candice, We have received all the hand bouquets from the receiption counter.  Very nice !  We love them..Thank you very much.

10, March, 2014
Jenny, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you again Candice. He happy for your arrangement.

10, March 2014
Maera, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers arrangement. Have a nice day.

9, March, 2014
Geetika, Kuala Lumpur
THANKS Candice. Grateful. God bless you.

8, March 2014
Shaun, Norwich
We were both very impressed with the quality of the flowers. You have provided excellent flowers with an excellent service, I'll be sure to use you guys again in the future for when I need to earn myself some points with my girlfriend, as you're awesome !  Thanks so much again, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

5, March, 2014
Lalini, Kuala Lumpur
Thanksss Candice.  That's v pretty.  Wishing you lots of luck with your business and many thanks for being so obliging.  :)

4, March, 2014
Eric, Singapore
Thank you Candice.
The service is great.. I'll be sure to use petalbees in the future and recommend to my friends too..

4, March, 2014
Joanne, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you so much for the bridal flowers.  It really looks good and like the picture you sent to me.  Thanks for being so patient with my request too !

03, March 2014
Brindha, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Candice, D bouquet looks sweet. Thank you.

25, February, 2014
Noraida, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Candice !  Really appreciate your superb flowers and customer services :)

24, February, 2014
Helen, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Petalbees !  Flowers just got here...Beautiful ! I'm smiling again, and you are going into my referral list for other expats..

24 February 2014
Melissa, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you so much for accepeting our last minute order....I went to see the flowers together with my boss, they were all gorgeous by the way.  My boss was very happy..they were all nicer than the photo shown. Appreciated your kind assistance you'd provided during the weekend.

22, February, 2014
Review from Frieza, The netherlands
Flower arrangements was very nice. Prompt delivery and fresh even when the order is very last minute. Prompt reply on emails as well. website is also easy to use. Definitely recommend her to my friends! Thanks Candice

22, February 2014
Jennie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Petalbees, Nice Flowers..Keep it up the good work.

17, February, 2014
Amanda, Kuala Lumpur
Tqvm Candice.  Very nice flower decoration.  Love it so much.

14, February, 2014
Bryan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, I have received the flowers and gift...its nice....thanks a lot...

14, February, 2014
Vincent, Singapore
My friend has received it. Thanks so much for the efficient delivery service despite my short notice order.  Flowers stunning ! Will definitely come back to you to make future orders...Thanks Petalbees team for making it possible ! :)

14, February, 2014
John, UK
I've been ordering from you guys once a year for the last 3 years. Services has always great, flowers are fresh. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

14, February, 2014
Nurul, Singpore
My favourite florist Petalbees.  My mum received the flowers with big smile.  Thanks for everything and Candice appreciated your patience and warm person you re :) for i changed the delivery date and time again and again despite you were extremely busy during Valentine's period.  Wishing your business grow.  Looking forward future purchase with you !

14, February 2014
Tony Wong, Kuala Lumpur,
Thank you very much for the prompt delivery...Nice flowers and gifts..Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day.

14, February, 2014
Thomas, US
Your bouquets are beautiful.  I have seen actually !  Keep in up the good work...Thanks so much Petalbees team.  All the best on your valentine's order

13, February 2014,
Jacqueline, Kuala Lumpur
Received flowers from Petalbees.  You made my day so special.  Thankss for the nice flowers.

10, February 2014
Tharnisha, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Ms Tan, Thank you for the delivery..and I m happy with your services.  Thank you Keep in touch and Happy Chinese New Year.

9,February, 2014
Beni, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Candice, thank you very much...preety bouquets...have a great weekend :)

8, February, 2014
Ms Leong, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for your great services and patience.  Nice flowers !

6, February, 2014
Dr. Afida, New Zealand
Thank you Candice. My sister-in-law was very excited and loved the bouquet and the cake very much. You are an angel. Thank you once again.  Dr. Afida, New Zealand

3 February, 2014
Guna, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Nice flowers ! Thank you very much.

28, January, 2014
Susan, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice ! Very Nice Arrangement.  Thank you and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

27, January, 2014
Reeza, Kuala Lumpur
Hi !  Thanks.  Nice Arrangement !!

26,January 2014
Siow Meei, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Candice, Nice, I have received good compliments...THANKS CANDICE.

25, January 2014
Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you very much Candice....i m very satisfied with your service..will continue to support PETALBEES..Happy New Year and God Bless you !

25, January 2014
Wendy, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for your fast delivery.  My sister was very happy and I saw the pic very nice arrangement...Will support you again for future orders....Gong Xi Fa Cai Candice ! May you business good good good ! :)

11,January, 2014
Farisha, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Candice, thank you very much for your wonderful services and deco.

10 January, 2014
Elvin, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice,  The flowers look very nice.  Many thanks.

9 January, 2014
Joy, Singapore
Dear Candice, Really appreciate your help !! You have a  great and prosperous 2014 !!! Regards, Joy

1 January, 2014
Ms Liew, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Candice, thank you so much for your arrangement.  It's very lovely.  Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year and May your business continues to blossom.  Take Care.

29,December 2013
Jennifer, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! The flowers look great and nice.  Thank you very much :)

22,December 2013
Sha, Kuala Lumpur
Hi! Thanks so much, I saw the flowers just now when I m there, very good services and beautiful flowers.

3,December 2013
Jeyanti, Singapore
Hi! My cousin loved d flowerz n cake.  Thank you Candice! Wish you good luck and best wishes.

20,November, 2013
Diny, Jakarta
Hi  Candice ! My pleasure to have ur service. It was excellent! Thanks for prompt svc. - diny -

19, November, 2013
Hasno, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks to you Ms.Candice..will definately reach you again in future....Thank you again for your good service ! Take care and have a nice day ahead! =)

27, October 2013
Jackie, Kuala Lumpur
Hi  Candice. tx for your great n prompt services ! Excellent !

22 Oct 2013
Nuha Alyami, Makkah
Hello, This is Nuha, i placed an order on the 14th of October, and i would just like to thank you for your services :) my Friend got her wedding bouquet in time for her wedding witch i couldn't attend.  It was very beautiful and she loved it so :) thank you again so much:) . Best regards, A satisfied costumer :)

14 October, 2013
Amanda, Kuala Lumpur
Hi  Candice!  thank you so much for your prompt delivery..The flowers are so beautiful and fresh..My girl friend loves them so much.  Your flowers certainly brighten up her day.

6 Oct 2013
Su Yin, Kuala Lumpur
Good morning, Candice!
The flower stand looks fantastic. Many thanks.  :)

30, Sept 2013
Jovy, Penang
Hi  Candice!  thank you so much for delivery of those lovely flowers! my friend love it and it couldn't be done without your help. thanks again!

26, Sept 2013
Nizam, Kuala Lumpur
Hi Candice, Thank you for your speedy action.. I see it.  good job!

5 Sept,2013
Karen, Sydney
Hi Candice, My aunt said the flowers are beautiful.  Thanks so much for all of your help in getting them out so promptly! Enjoy your day Candice

20 August, 2013
Farah, Kuala Lumpur
Thank you for your excellent service. Nurin have received her birthday gift. We definately recommend you to our collegues and company.

19, August 2013
Nordina, US
Dear Candice,
Thank you for delivering the flowers to my mother in a timely fashion as requested. She was very happy to receive her birthday beautiful flowers before heading out to her birthday lunch. Much continued success to you. Regards, Nordina
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